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Why Empowrd, what makes this platform different? Is this a Civic Engagement Platform? Social Network? Influencer Platform? Your answers to those questions and more are here.

How can Empowrd improve government operations?

Empowrd’s web portal and mobile apps will provide office management tools and facilitate external conversations. These features allow government agencies to house both internal and external communications in a central repository.

How can Empowrd be used during emergencies?

Empowrd allows citizens and government officials to organize in one place in the event of an emergency. If there is an active shooter on a college campus, the designated leader can use the platform to send messages to those who could be in immediate danger and alert the entire campus. Law enforcement and media can also be alerted via the platform. With Empowrd, everyone can be notified within seconds.

What was the inspiration behind the Empowrd application?

We all care about our communities, but the political landscape can be so confusing. Something as simple as fixing a pothole can turn into a bureaucratic nightmare. The founder of Empowrd noticed that it was getting harder and harder to stay engaged as a concerned citizen. Between pundits and excessive social media chatter, it has also become harder to hear the true voice of our elected officials. Effective two-way conversations have all but disappeared. It is our hope that this application will open communication between people and create a political landscape that is truly representative of the beautiful communities in which we live.

Why should I use Empowrd?

  • To gather data, engage potential constituents, and understand issues that affect your community.
  • To focus your requests using our geo-targeting technology provides to your jurisdiction.
  • To ensure you connect with the correct elected official in your jurisdiction.
  • To learn about each elected official that represents you.
  • To allow elected officials to build their platform and communicate progress to their constituents from candidacy through post public-service life.
  • To send targeted messages to constituents based on their level of civic engagement.

Where is Empowrd available?

Upon release, Empowrd will serve Georgia and its 159 counties, connecting local officials with their constituents and opening the door for two-way connections. We plan to launch in other states later in 2016. Sign up for our updates to find out when we are coming to your state.

Does Empowrd only operate in the United States?

No, Empowrd has the ability to scale and fit the needs of overseas clients and governmental structures.

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